First Year Problems


First Year Problem #90

"Our room choosing number is 32.  We’re going to get first pick on all of the doubles, I’m so excited, next year’s room is going to be HUGE!!"

First Year Problem #89

"I didn’t understand Drag Ball"

First Year Problem #88

FY: “I’m taking this freshman seminar and blah blah blah…”

Upperclasswoman: “We don’t have freshmen here at MHC-we have first years.  You are taking a First Year seminar, stop conforming to patriarchy.”

FY: “Well I think it is ok for me to call it whatever I want because I’m in a gender studies class.”

First Year Problem #87

"So I think I’m going to have to drop my Amherst class-there aren’t enough hot guys in it for me to keep justifying taking the PVTA all the way there 3 times a week without any chance of getting a boyfriend."

First Year Problem #86

"Ya, I looked at my schedules for the next 6 semesters and figured out my schedules I’ll need to do my triple major in bio, IR and English."

First Year Problem #85

FY1: “Ya, you can totally check out books from the library-it is like a real library!”

FY2: “Wait where are all of the books, I never see any shelves except in the ref room!”

First Year Problem #84

"So, like what IS a party foul?"

First Year Problem #83

"Why won’t the Admissions office let me apply to be a Harriet Newhall fellow?  I would be the perfect person for this job, I know everything about Mount Holyoke."

First Year Problem #82

"So I got into 2 300-level seminars and 2 200-level courses and I feel so awesome.  I want everyone in the class to know how smart I am."

First Year Problem #81

At Wilder: “Where did you get your straw, I wish I could drink my water with a straw!”